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Hey its your Jason,I'm here to make that beautiful face of yours smile.
Russo was here<3
saleriaisluv14 whispered:
Love your blog it's awesome just keep doing what your doing :)

thank you

Anonymous whispered:
i love you..

theblogoflaura whispered:
well i've been better but whatever, what have you been up to?

not much, you?

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theblogoflaura whispered:
man this trip was too long omg, anyways how've you been? (:

good, you?

theblogoflaura whispered:
RYYYAAAANNN i missed you :(

KENDALLLLL! missed you too!

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my dash is so dead


People getting asked out on my dash and then there’s me


Put down the razor, throw away the pills, put away the lighter, and just breathe. Take a big breathe. Clear your mind. Now j smile, because things will get better. They always do. Keep your head up high and stay strong

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